We treat people of all ages in Dee Why and the surrounding Northern Beaches, offering group classes to promote wellness, mobility and independence. Other services we provide include dry needling, electrotherapy, waterproof plaster casting, special group exercise classes for seniors (falls prevention, core and function programs).

Sports physiotherapy

Team8 Physio believes prevention through education and self-management strategies is one of the most important components of all injury management plans.

In the event of an injury, you should make a sports physio appointment as soon as possible and be assessed, treated and managed based on a number of factors:

  • The cause of the pain or injury
  • Susceptibility and individual circumstances
  • Personal goals e.g. return to sport, resuming daily activities, healthy lifestyle.

Workers Compensation

The team at Team8 Physio have extensive experience with work related injuries and know the best way to get you back to work as quickly as possible, without further injury.

Our expert physicians will help treat the cause of pain and put you on the right path back to work.

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Recovering from surgery can be slow and challenging, but with the right support and treatment plan, you’ll be on the path to recovery in no time.

Team8 Physio are experts at providing rehabilitation for patients following a wide variety of different surgeries. Our long standing relationships with many surgeons allows us to keep up-to-date with modern surgical techniques and procedures to ensure your optimal recovery.

Waterproof Casting

Waterproof plaster casting enables you to perform daily tasks such as swimming and bathing as normal for the duration of wearing your cast.

For plaster casting and boot fittings please come with your GP or specialist’s referral.

Our Exercise Programs

Posture program

Failure to maintain the correct posture can lead to a number of conditions such as headaches, joint degeneration, spinal dysfunction and muscular weakness. In addition to these painful conditions, using the incorrect form and posture while training and exercising can cause musculoskeletal injuries.

Group classes

Core and functional group classes (5-7 members in close age groups)

  • Uncertain about going to the gym?
  • Have you felt lost or been injured at the gym not knowing what to do?
  • Want to start exercising, but have no idea where to begin?

If the answer to these questions is “yes” then you will benefit from our group exercise classes designed specifically for certain age groups and held right here at the Dee Why practice and run by a fully qualified and experienced physiotherapist.

Falls prevention functional program (+65)

Group classes for our seniors who are at risk of falls and experience lack of strength, balance and functionality.

Sports and Remedial Massage

Remedial massages and sports injury massage to help alleviate pains which are keeping you from getting on with your life. Our massage therapists complement the work our physios do and a regular session with one of them is a great way to maintain results achieved in physiotherapy.

Back Pain

Lower back pain is the most prevalent musculoskeletal pain that people report.

The bottom line is injuries, misusing, and/or over using the spine can lead to damaging the critical structures which create back pain.