Neck Pain Relief

Neck Pain Relief

Neck Pain

Neck pain and referred shoulder and arm pain are the second most common injuries we see in our practice.

Office workers, mums and teenagers are on top of the list. If you pay close attention you will realise they have one thing in common, stationary positions with less favourable posture.

Try this:

Sit and slouch, now look ahead and think about the muscles on the back of your neck, in this position your head applies up to 8 times the load on your neck.

Irritation of joints in the neck and spine can cause localised pain or referred pain to head, arm and shoulders. The most common involved structures could be discs, joints and muscles in the neck and spine. in more severe cases a nerve pinch or damage can occur which leads to shooting pain and/or pins and needles in the peripheral areas.

The best advice for peoples suffering with neck conditions is to prevent these chronic symptoms by avoiding stationary positions, acquiring the correct posture and regular stretches.

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How Our Physiotherapy Helps to Relieve Neck Pain?

Our digital posture program will assist you understand your posture and learn the strategies to perfect your posture in order to reduce the load on your neck and the entire spine.

Neck Related Headaches

Headaches associated to neck, commonly known as cervicogenic headaches, are a group of headaches caused by the neck. The pain is commonly one sided and felt on the back of head as a heavy, dull achy sensation.

So if you suffer from constant headaches which are aggravated by spending time in front of the computer, you could be dealing with neck related headaches. The treatment is specific manual therapy and maintenance though posture program.

Nausea and Dizziness

In more severe cases, other symptoms such as nausea and dizziness can be associated with the headaches. In cases such as these, you need to have the condition checked immediately especially if other sings such as blurry vision are present.

Neck conditions can be also caused by sudden trauma such as motor vehicle accidents or sports related injuries. This group of neck conditions need to be approached with more caution to rule our any vital structure damage.

Neck Pain Can Also Be Secondary to Shoulder Pain

Repetitive over head activities, sitting at the computer screen, stationery occupations such as a driver, could cause repetitive strain to the soft tissue and ultimately to more vital structures in the neck.

The neck is a highly sensitive region as many vital structures cross through to and from the brain. Assuming proper posture won’t only look after the spine but also places vascular structure and airways in a more efficient position.

The best way to look after your neck is to maintain flexibility and stability. Make sure you sit and stand as tall as possible in that case the weight of your head is distributed evenly throughout each point of the spine.