Knee Physiotherapy

Knee Physiotherapy

Knee Physiotherapy

The 4 major structures in the knee are 





Knee Injuries are Mainly Broken Down Into Two Large Categories:

Traumatic Injuries (such as a ligament rupture)

Traumatic injuries, such as high impact sports injuries, commonly have an immediate onset of pain.

Insidious Injuries/Conditions

(such as knee osteoarthritis or mild ligament sprains)

Insidious injuries can be caused by overuse and/or misuse of the joint.

A classic example of an insidious knee pain is arthritis.

Physiotherapy intervention is highly dependent on the nature of an injury or pain, and the patient’s goals.

Predominantly, the initial stages of treatment of traumatic knee injuries is pain management, swelling management, preservation of the integrity of the joint and preventing further damage due to the injury.

For chronic conditions physiotherapy predominately focuses on functionality of the joint rather than purely pain management.

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