Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physio & Sports Injuries

Sports Physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy which focuses on sports related injuries, rehabilitation in order to provide a safe return to sport.

Sports injury rehabilitation includes an individual program to ensure full recovery and to equip the athlete with the right strategies to protect against recurrence.

In the world of professional sport, time is not normally on the athlete’s side, and every second off the field can create significant difference in the trend of the player and the game.

Each sport has its own nature of physicality and as a result its own susceptibilities for injuries. However, the nature of movement and direction of impacts are the deciding factors in creating the susceptibilities for injuries.

For example, sports which involve repetitive jumping and landing endanger the ankle whereas rowing and dragon boating can target the shoulder.

Understanding the biomechanics of the sport and the involvement of the high demanded musculoskeletal structure is imperative in sports related physiotherapy.

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Sports injuries can be classified into two large groups:

Traumatic Injuries

Injuries with specific, high intensity and usually immediate symptoms, such as a high impact ankle sprain with immediate pain and a large amount swelling.

Insidious Injuries

Injuries with a gradual onset, usually not from one specific moment,

for example, gradual onset of shoulder pain from playing tennis.

Why Is It Important to Have Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries?

Getting the correct physio treatment for a sports-related injury is important because if the injuries structure does not receive the proper rehabilitation it becomes incapable of full performance when the initial painful stage is over.

The right sports injury rehabilitation is designing the most effect program to restore the injured area’s strength and training it to perform at its pre injury power, or even better.

What makes sport rehabilitation even more effective is the inclusion of preventative strategy in the program to minimise the risk of recurrence.

The reoccurrence of an injury is externally common in sports injuries and the reason for that is if an injury does not receive the right form of rehabilitation, the area remains susceptible to the same injury and as a result the intensity of the cause is much lower to cause the same injury.

We Personalise A Safe Exercise Program for You

In most cases we can strategise a wide spectrum of training ideas despite your injury. The type of biomechanics and injury allows us to design a safe exercise regime for you on top of your injury specific therapeutic exercise program.

The basics of sports physiotherapy is to understand sports specific injuries, mechanics of injury, specific assessment to understand the nature and severity of injury and ultimately implementing the most effective treatment to treat the injury and return the athlete to sports.

Sports Physiotherapy is Suitable For Everyone

Sports physiotherapy is not necessarily exclusive to professional athletes. Sports related injuries could be an ankle sprain from playing netball or a low intensity repetitive injury to the knee for a runner.

Whether you have a sudden injury playing sports or simply feel a niggle when you hit the gym you would benefit from seeing your physio to have the injury diagnosed, treated and most importantly to protect yourself against recurrence.

It’s critical to be familiar with the particular sport and its physical demands.

Modern sport has a thorough scientific approach and as a result, sports physio becomes an inevitable extension of sport.