The Team

The Team

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Al Kosh

Role            Director and Principal Physiotherapist

Area            Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Education    Sydney University, Beheshti University

Year of graduation 2000

Main focus   Fitness and weight training related injuries, preventative management

Point of difference   Encouraging exercising around injuries

For         Continuation of training DESPITE the injury

Against   Stopping full training due to “BEING INJURED!”


John Wunder

Role      Senior Physiotherapist

Area     Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Sports injuries, Dry needling

Education   Degrees in Exercise and Sport Science and Master Of Physiotherapy (The University of Sydney)

Year of graduation  2011

Main focus: Shoulder injuries, foot conditions, sporting injuries

Point of difference: Due to my extensive sporting background I have personally experienced many of the injuries and conditions that I treat every day. As a result of this I am able to relate to my patients very closely on a physical and emotional level.

For:  Self-motivated rehab – Patients need to want to make themselves better, not just rely on someone else to make them better.

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Lorelie Luna

Remedial Massage Therapist

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Rhea Smith

Practice Manager

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Eddie Cull