Rotator Cuff Injury Tips

Balance push and pull exercises

The volume of upper body pull exercises (rows, pulldowns) should be equal to, or slightly greater than push (bench press, shoulder press). This will keep the muscular balance of the torque producing and stabilising muscles of the shoulder girdle. 

Rotator cuff activation work

Activate the rotator cuff before an upper body workout, a good activation exercise is called a ‘Sharapova’. Face a wall and place a loop band around the wrists, place the little finger on the wall and slide it up and down the wall keeping tension on the band at all times. See our Instagram @team8physio for an explanation of this exercise. 

Be careful, or avoid...

Dips and upright rows are very sensitive movements for the rotator cuff, as they can get the shoulder into loaded positions of impingement. Unless absolutely necessary for their sport, goals or activity it would be best to use an alternative exercise that achieves the same purpose.