Dee Why Running Clinic

When you run, do you regularly feel niggles? Are you constantly injured? Or ever just feel as though you are unable to run at your full potential? If you said yes to any of these, booking in for a running assessment in our running clinic with our experienced Physiotherapists would be the best thing for your health and well being.

At Team8 Physio we know that running brings both pain and joy. Not only is it a great and effective form of exercise, it also clears the mind. Conversely we also are aware of how much an injury can slow you down both physically and mentally. 

A man and woman run along a beach at sunset

Whether you are resuming running following injury, targeting a particular event or just for fitness; assessment of your gait and application of correction techniques/exercises will assist in remaining injury-free. The longer you can run-injury free, the more you can train and ultimately achieve your results.

Your running assessment will involve:

  • Video analysis of your running technique.
  • In-depth Gait analysis with our computerised gait scanner, looking at both dynamic and static biomechanics.
  • Specific instructions on what you need to change and why.
  • A training schedule to transition into your new technique

A group of runners run with the sunsetting in the background

A group of runners run with the sunsetting in the background

At Team8 Physio we see many clients that develop injuries or niggles when they first take up running or increase their load dramatically. Often it can be as easy as simply correcting a minor technique dysfunction.

A thorough running assessment as performed by physiotherapists is effective in:

  • Reducing the likelihood of injuries occurring.
  • Increase running efficiency and technique.
  • Get rid of those constant niggles and pains.
  • Increase results whether that be distance, speed, or competing in events.

Following your running clinic appointment, you will be provided with a personally tailored program to improve running performance and injury risk. This includes:

  • Corrective exercises
  • Running cues
  • Specific strengthening exercises
  • Education on load management

SO WHY NOT book in with our running clinic today so that you can live the pain-free life you deserve.