Natalie Toogood -

With ongoing back pain post 4 kids and nursing, I have been seeing Al and his team at Team8 Physio for the past 2 years … Their wealth of knowledge and honesty is amazing… The programs that are set for you are easy and simple to follow… I highly recommend Team8 Physio to all of my work colleages and friends whom I know feel exactly the same as me and have too all had amazing results !!!

Don Di Vincenzo -

From the moment I hobbled into Al’s clinic with lower back pain to the ongoing maintenance work we are doing right now I have found Al’s professionalism, attention to detail and customer service second to none.

He took the time and an interest in ensuring that I healed completely and he even provided me with advice whilst on a recent trip to Europe.

I would recommend Al and the team at Team8 for any type of Physio work as I know they will take care of you.

Paula Monteiro -

I met Al from Team8 Physio about 3 years ago when I had a strong pain in my back. I had had the issue before but no doctor could tell me what was wrong (and I had seen a lot of different professionals before).

During the consultation Al took the time to listen to me and few minutes later after analysing my back, he could explain what my problem was, then started the treatment. After the consultation he gave me a list of exercises that I could do to help strengthen my back. After 1 week of seeing him and doing the exercises, my back started to get better and I was able to walk again. He totally fixed me.

Being an office worker and having a bulging disc, I still have back pains and I always go back to Team8 Physio for treatment. I can tell my back is getting stronger and it doesn’t take too long for the issue to go away once seeing Al again.

Recently I’ve started with a Personal Trainer. Al took the time to meet with him to explain my problem and because of that my PT now knows the things we need to work on to help me.

Al is very professional and cares a lot about his patients. He was the only one able to help me and I’m very happy to have him as my physio.

Derek Scoon -

I saw Al with a very painful knee and am pleased to say that the treatment he gave greatly relieved the pain and enabled me to get back to walking, which had been very limited due to the problem.

Vicki Scoon -

I was diagnosed with stenosis in my back (with pain right down one leg) and stenosis in my lower spine (with pain all down one arm) and am very pleased to say that Al’s treatment resulted in no pain in the leg and arm and my back and neck are greatly improved.

I would also like to state how very friendly I found Al and his staff which always helps when receiving treatment.

Nick Lim-Howe -

Al at Team8 Physio is a compassionate and caring clinician, who always has time and patience to listen to both patients’ input and other disciplines involved to provide holistic and effective treatment. I am confident when recommending Al.

Brad Ham -

Al helped me throughout the recovery process following a dislocated ankle. He provided me with suitable exercises as I transitioned through the different stages of recovery. I found Al and his team at Team8 Physio to be professional, going out of their way to provide a great service.

Don Skilton -

I first saw Al in mid-2014 when I badly hurt my back surfing. I have been to Team8 Physio a number of times since then with similar injuries, and they have always shown a good understanding of the injury and its effective treatment, and they appreciate the sportsman’s desire return to their passtime/passion as soon as possible. I now have a good knowledge of how to maintain my back for surfing, and still am riding a surfboard (shortboard) at 58 years of age. I would definitely recommend Team8 Physio for any sports-related injuries.

Margaret Hogge -

Al Kosh has been helping me to regain and retain my mobility for about two years – I need to continue to see him as, despite his assertions and scolding I don’t carry out the exercises nearly often enough and I depend on him to keep me and my knees operating.

I first went to him after knee surgery and then after a twisted knee incident a year later and have been able to avoid further surgery.

Al is very knowledgeable – he explains how and why my limbs and muscles work, in layman’s words.

He is professional and friendly and respectful, as is Rhea, his receptionist.

Peter Hermes -

I would like to provide this tesimonial for Al, John and the rest of the team at Team8 Physio. I had a spinal surgery (lamenectony C4/C5) about 2 years ago and have been using the great facilities at Team8 since that time, every time my back plays up Al and John are right there with the proper treatment that is needed to set it right again and get me mobile. They always know what is needed to action a recovery and take the steps in a professional and caring manner, I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone that would require their services.

Mat George -

I have been a patient of Team8 Physio for over 2 years now and without Al & his team, daily routine would be difficult let alone getting back into the gym. Al has always been flexible around my commitments which is invaluable.

Al has taken the time to understand my history particularly treatment of injuries and has adapted his approach based on my love of gym and physical exercise. Treatment plans are practical and realistic and Al is proactive with his ongoing follow-ups.

Al has also taken the time to offer education and I feel I am now better positioned to understand the mechanics of my body coupled with a heavy gym routine.

Maria Nelson -

Al Kosh has been working on my Knee since my surgery back in early December 2016, since then he has provided me with certain exercises to get the range and strength back in the knee.

I have found it has helped a lot and would recommend Team8 Physio to all my friends and family without any hesitation.

Sarah Vining -

Over the past few years I have had treatment from Al for a variety of mainly sports related injuries. He identifies the problem straight away, starts treatment and gives out homework exercises so that I’m back competing as soon as possible.

My two daughters both see Al when they need a physio and also have excellent results every time.

Brad Richardson -

Team8 Physio are professional and reliable. They are my 1st choice when it comes to physio.

Janina Loewe -

Love Team8 Physio!!!

I’ve been seeing Al whenever I have an injury… Started with my knee, when I could barely walk.. Squeezed me in that same day!! And had me ‘fixed’ after 3 sessions!!!!

Next was my back after having a baby and lifting her in and out off the cot, I was in a lot of pain… Again he worked his magic!!!

Always giving great advice and exercise for home!!! The whole Team is fantastic!!!

So get behind them! Spread the word!

Andrew Nelson -

At 55, sailing competitively in a small boat can put some stresses and strains on the old body.

For the last 12 months I have been seeing Al Kosh at Team8 Physio for regular maintenance and solving some issues that have been plaguing me for a while.

Al’s treatment which is hand’s on not machine based combined with Team8 Physio’s exercise app has made all the difference.

I can thoroughly recommend Team8 Physio for anyone wanting to live their life to the Max.

Susan Scheffers -

Over the past few years I, and members of my family, have attended Team8 Physio for a variety of aches, pains and injuries. It has always been possible to get an appointment within a reasonable time and if things are really serious, the team will do what they can to accommodate you as early as possible. Al is particularly skilled in discussing your needs and lifestyle, so he can quickly ascertain whether he is aiming to get someone back onto the sports field ASAP or help someone manage a more long term issue through exercise, massage and prevention of further irritation. Rhea, who is the smiling face behind the desk, is unfailingly polite and friendly and will do all she can to make your visit, and subsequent visits, comfortable and relaxed. I am always impressed that Al appears just as keen as we are to not have to make too many return visits for treatment and he is always honest about time frames involved in healing, getting back to exercise etc. I have no hesitation in recommending Team8 Physio for people of all ages who are looking for professional, personalised physio treatment.