Massage Therapy

Who doesn’t love an amazing massage with a qualified health professional?

The magic of living at the Northern Beaches brings more active life style to the Northern Beaches residents. 

The sports and fitness culture has evolved dramatically, different styles of training from the traditional gyms, F45 and crossfit to small PT studios are almost everywhere. 

Also, the pace of life is insanely increasing and we are all getting more and more busy which means a lot of us are missing very important component of health and wellbeing: “REST” and “RECOVERY”.

The human body has an incredible level of resilience but only if is looked after properly. 

Rest, relaxation, unwind and recovery allows your body and mind to perform at their maximum capacity.

In our Dee Why and Brookvale practices we review so many cases of injuries which are created by inflexibility and muscle tightness. Massage could be a great injury prevention strategy as well as an affective remedy for stress.

Receiving a tailored massage based on your needs can be one of the best tools to rest your body and mind and prepare you for a new day in life.

There are a variety of massage services available at Team8 Physio:

Relaxation Massage 

When your body is at full relaxation your mind will follow and even in a 60 min session you will experience an enormous level of rest. 

Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage 

Repetitive usage of the muscles can cause chronic tightness and what is called knots (trigger points). A nice deep tissue massage will release those knots and irons out the tightness in the muscles.

The level of pressure is modified and set based on your threshold and needs as inflicting unpleasant pain is not the goal when it comes to deep tissue massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Sports Massage

Also -

Team8 Physio Dee Why provides a very special service called Physiossage

Physiossage is a localised soft tissue release performed by a qualified Team8 Physiotherapist and is best suited for the following:

•  After a one body part weight training session e.g. quad / glutes / hamstring and calf after a leg day 

•  Office workers with chronic muscle stiffness especially around the neck region 

•  Post-operative soft tissue tightness surrounding the operated area

With a thorough assessment, your therapist will advise re the most effective massage treatment for you.

Claim from your health fund

Team8 Physio Massage Therapists are fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapists which means you can use your private health insurance to claim a rebate.

As long as you are covered for Remedial Massage, simply bring your health fund card along to your appointment. We will claim on the spot and you will only be required to pay the gap.