Orthotics and Gait Analysis

Have you suffered long term with ongoing or even recurrent pain in your legs or feet?

Have you tried numerous treatment methods, and whilst they help treat the pain, they do not completely alleviate it or prevent recurrence?

If this sounds like you, the best thing you could do for your health and well being is to book in for a biomechanical assessment to see whether orthotic correction may be indicated.

Orthotics are inserts that fit inside your shoe. They are designed to decrease any abnormal motions of the foot, whilst concurrently allowing for normal movement to occur. Some orthotics are simple off the self inserts or heel cups for shoes. But the most effective orthotics are custom made-devices that meet your specific needs and are molded specifically towards your foot profile. They are quite comfortable and don’t feel too hard or uncomfortable in your shoes.

Orthotics have great results for clients; they often improve Sports performance, as well as importantly eliminating/reducing foot, back and leg pain through improving biomechanical movement and efficiency. 

Specific to foot pain, orthotics are great at managing:

· Heel pain

· Flat feet

· Sore feet

· Plantarfasciitis

· Heel Spurs

· Ball of foot pain

· Bunions

· Shin pain.

Our physiotherapists are skilled in using GaitScan in conjunction with The Orthotic Group (TOG) to produce orthotics to correct your specific condition/s. We use our clinical experience and GaitScan technology to determine if orthotics would assist you in your rehabilitation. 

The Gait Scan is a state of the art force plate that allows our physiotherapist’s to accurately detect abnormal foot biomechanics as you stand and walk over the force plate.  

The Orthotic Group orthoics are low profile, flexible and comfortable; These orthotics are designed to gently correct abnormal mechanics rather than ‘holding’ the foot in a neutral positions. Our orthotics can be customized in different stles that suits your needs; whether that be football boots, dress shoes or training shoes. 

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Our Physios have developed an active interest and have vast experience in prescribing orthotics. 

They are skilled to prescribe orthotics in conjunctions with further treatment modalities and corrective exercises. 

In some cases, your physiotherapist can use corrective taping to simulate the action of an orthotic to determine whether orthotics would be beneficial for your condition.