The Team

Al Kosh

Director and Principal Physiotherapist

Area - Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Education - Sydney University, Beheshti University

Year of graduation - 2000

Main focus - Fitness and weight training related injuries, preventative management

Point of difference - Encouraging exercising around injuries

For - Continuation of training DESPITE the injury

Against - Stopping full training due to injury

John Wunder


Area - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Sports injuries, Dry needling

Education - Degrees in Exercise and Sport Science and Master Of Physiotherapy (The University of Sydney)

Year of graduation - 2011

Point of difference - Due to my extensive sporting background I have personally experienced many of the injuries and conditions that I treat every day. As a result of this I am able to relate to my patients very closely on a physical and emotional level.

For - Self-motivated rehab – Patients need to want to make themselvesbetter, not just rely on someone else to make them better.

Daniel Hanavan


Elissa Chandler

Massage Therapist

Rhea Smith

Practice Manager