Exercise Classes

At Team8 Physio we run a couple of exercise classes, which are tailored to our clients goals.

Exercise class – 

Our resistance training class in our Dee Why Parade clinic is a popular choice among our many clients. It is a circuit based physio guided exercise class, which focus on resistance/strengthening exercises.

Our classes are always limited to small numbers to ensure that all exercises are safe, with special attention placed on correct technique. As well as this, the limited numbers ensures that your physiotherapist can keep a close eye on any pre-existing injuries. 

The benefit of the class being run by a Physiotherapist is that any injury is closely monitored, with the program tailored to your specific condition and any modifications can be made on the spot. This close supervision by your physiotherapist is crucial to improved technique and increases the benefits of exercise.

Balance class – 

The Balance class is another popular class run at Team8 Physio Dee Why. This class is tailored to local Northern Beaches seniors with a focus on improving balance and confidence.

This class has a keen focus on improving functional balance, allowing its participants to improve not only their balance in the home setting, but allow confidence to be improved in a community setting when ambulating. 

The ultimate aim is to allow the clients to go about their daily life without hesitation or limitation due to fear of falling. 

The class has a wide array of specific balance exercises as well as a strong focus on improving the strength of muscles that are crucial in maintaining balance.

Just as with the resistance class, this balance class is also run by one of our experienced physiotherapists, which allows for close supervision and modification of exercises for any pre-existing injuries.

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If you know anyone that would benefit from these classes or if you, yourself would like to attend these classes, don’t wait any longer and give us a call.