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  • Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

    Team8 Ergonomics is a branch of Team8 Physio with a range of workplace ergonomic services including:

    Why choose us?

    • We are Workcover approved physiotherapists who understand...
      1. The mechanism of work related injuries (e.g. the process behind that stiff neck or sore back, and the most efficient strategies to not only fix the problem but to prevent it from happening in the future.)
      2. Posture and it's role in ergonomics related neck and back pain.
      3. How to prevent and fix a cause on the spot if an injury or condition is current.

    • Our exceptional digital technology for postural analysis, exercise prescription and progressive approach.
    • Our unbeatable fees

    Why ergonomics?

    Employees are one of our most valuable commodities in the workplace. Whatever the job may entail, whether it’s being on your feet and doing physical or repetitive tasks or sitting at a desk for long hours, being comfortable and safe have a huge impact on our employees focus and productivity as well as in reducing the number and severity of workplace injuries.

    Ergonomic Assessments have become a mainstay in the modern day business. With more and more people working long hours at computers at home and at the office as well as the growing concern over RSI (repetitive strain injuries) and the potential Worker’s Compensation Claims that they bring, employers and business owners around Australia are integrating Ergonomic assessments and compulsory training into their workplaces.

    Benefits of Workplace Ergonomic Assessments:

    · Improved health and wellbeing of your staff

    · Improved staff productivity

    · Reduced insurance premiums due to a decline in worker’s compensation claims

    · Reducing expenditure on inappropriately procured workstations or equipment