Rolled your ankle?

Should I use heat or ice?

You should ice your rolled ankle injury for the first 3 days.

Should I see a GP or Physiotherapist?

It is best to see your Physiotherapist.

Should I get an X-ray?

You may need to get an X-ray but only if your Physio suspects a fracture.

Will I need to wear a boot or cast?

In most cases no, but if you do have a complete tear or broken bone your Physio may advise a boot or cast.

What will my Physiotherapist do for a rolled ankle?

Your Physio will assist in you getting back into sport or whatever it may be that your injury is preventing you from being able to enjoy. They will help you to regain mobility, stability and strength through hands on therapy and exercise prescription. This will also help with prevention of future occurrences.